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Cherry RSO 300mg CBD 10mg THC

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Cherry RSO Rick Simpson Oil – 300mg CBD – 10mg THC

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Cherry RSO Rick Simpson Oil – 300mg CBD – 10mg THC

15 reviews for Cherry RSO 300mg CBD 10mg THC

  1. Lincoln Matthews

    I use this cherry rso for medical problems. I need to have it delivered in a timely fashion when ordered and I can always trust canna labs to have my package delivered on time and never compromises the quality of the product. Very much appreciated.

  2. Darlene Wheeler

    RSO is a great product for those using Cannabis for medical purposes. I use this product because I have arthritis and insomnia and this helps immensely with the pain and helps me sleep at night. Thank you for the great pricing on this product.

  3. Scott Johnson

    I tried the cms oil yesterday after my order came in and it was fantastic. I started getting a hard buzz quick within a few minutes. I am impressed with the product and the price.

  4. Rachel Zimmers

    I am using the RSO for my arthritis and to help me sleep. I can’t see using anything else. I like the quick turnaround from the time I take it to the time I am high. Thank you for an excellent product.

  5. Stacy Murphy

    I tried this RSO last night after getting it on the afternoon. I slept like a bear last night. Terrific RSO

  6. Rodney Gilmore

    I love having the cherry rso. I just put a drop under my younger and let the the kick in. The high is so strong. 🤘🤘🔥🔥

  7. Casey Morgan

    My shipment just came in an hour ago and I put a drop of the rso under my younger. I am buzzing hard right now. Nice product.

  8. Nadine Parks

    I ordered the rso to help with back gains and arthritis. It definitely helps and quick. I never had anything that works so fast and so potent like the rso. Anyone who has medical issues should take this.

  9. Sean Hobbs

    The cherry RSO is the best thing made for seizures. I use this for my son who has numerous seizures during the day. I just put one drop under his tounge and his seizure stops in a short am out of time. Since he has been taking the eso, the number of seizures he has in a day has drastically been reduced. I am so fortunate to have found something that will help

  10. Keri Auburn

    The RSO is perfect if you are looking for something that works quick. I feel the effect super fast

  11. Dan Crosby

    The RSO is fantastic. I couldn’t have made a better choice going with this. 👍

  12. Jean Anderson

    I am glad to have stumbled across such a great sauce like the RSO. Sauce. Very subtle taste that packs a punch

  13. Ben Diesel

    The RSO is killer.

  14. Erica Short

    The Cherry RSO has me in the mood to accomplish anything. I had ordered 2

  15. Elmer Ford

    The RSO is some fire CBD

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