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Fuzzy Peach Gummies

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Buy our tasty THC infused Fuzzy Peach Gummies online. 200mg THC/pack.

  • 20mg THC per Gummy
  • 10 Gummies per pack
  • 200mg per pack
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Buy our tasty THC infused Fuzzy Peach Gummies online. 200mg THC/pack.

  • 20mg THC per Gummy
  • 10 Gummies per pack
  • 200mg per pack

13 reviews for Fuzzy Peach Gummies

  1. Kelsey

    bought these as a treat for a girlfriend and I for a chill movie night in. We both enjoyed them and they definitely work. I think we watched about half of the movie before we were both sound asleep like babies. I would defiantly recommend these for pain and insomniacs

  2. Anissa Bobbit

    Really good tasting almost like my favourite childhood candy but with that extra kick. Now my favourite adult candy and it’s even better that I don’t have to share. Suuuuuuuper baked

  3. Christie L

    Yummy candies really great taste and only a mild taste of cannabis. I’m a very experienced smoker and these still give me a good buzz, wish they were just a bit stronger since I pretty much eat half the pack in one sitting lol

  4. Tara Drummond

    I just gotten in my order of the fuzzy peach gummies today and I already opened the pack and ate a few 2 hours ago. I am already feeling the effects of the thc. It sure is hitting pretty hard. The peach flavor is great to mask the taste of the thc even though I can’t really taste the thc. Excellent gummies.

  5. Donna Winter

    Wonderful gummies. I like having a bag of gummies at any given time. The effects of the gummies has me tripped out all day while people think I am eating regular gummies. Excellent product.

  6. Dustin Truman

    These gummies are awsome. My shipment arrived yesterday and I am already ordering 2 more bags now along with a few more things. I like eating on these gummies while I am out and about

  7. Mary Vianny

    These gummies are great. I had a hard time believing these were good until I tried a few out of a pack a friend had. I was so high after about 30 minutes

  8. Amber Miller

    These gummies are awsome. I am high out of my mind right now after eating 3 gummies an hour ago. Nice prices on the products.

  9. Dawn Noble

    I just received my order today of the gummies. There’s nothing like eating a few gummies and going out to about your day felling high. The gummies are fantastic and strong.

  10. Renee Parsons

    The peach gummies are so good. I ordered a pack last week and ate 3 when it came in. I was buzzing hard for most of the day
    That pack was gone on 3 days. I ordered 3 packs yesterday. Awsome.🔥🔥🔥

  11. Amber Douglas

    The gummies are unbelievably tatty and chewy with that perfect sweetness. The THC hits me so hard

  12. Terry Gaines

    I love these gummies. It has a very yummy peachy taste that hides the THC taste that kicked in after about 30 minutes or so.

  13. Kelly Spelling

    I am in love with the gummies. They are great to snack on while I am on the run that packs a punch. For the price, I bought 2 packs.

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