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Infused Grape Juice – 150 mg THC

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These delicious grape flavored infused juice crystals will give you a relaxing medicated high.

This formula makes 1L of juice. Contains 150 mg THC.

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These delicious grape flavored infused juice crystals will give you a relaxing medicated high.

This formula makes 1L of juice. Contains 150 mg THC.

15 reviews for Infused Grape Juice – 150 mg THC

  1. Jeremy Fitz

    This product is really cool, I have never seen anything like this available on the market so you guys have my attention. I ordered this about 5 days ago and got it in the mail 2 days ago so very fast turn around. Appreciate great products and friendly help.

  2. Deborah Fadden

    I really enjoy grape juice, it being my favourite drink so you can imagine how excited I was when I found the grown up version of it. It still taste exactly like your average grape juice with a minor yummy taste of cannabis. Be careful with how much you drink as if you drink to much of this yummy juice you will be really really stoned… if that’s a bad thing lol. Love it!

  3. Mason Julioper

    I find this product really cool because you can use this product very discreetly and it doesn’t smell at all. It is a good way to take my medicine when my family is around. It also has a good taste

  4. Gary White

    Omg! This juice is Great! I haven’t had anything this potent before. I drink the juice while I am sitting by the pool in the afternoon. I got a strong buzz that lasted all day. Awsome juice.

  5. Terri Dumas

    I love the fact that the THC is infused in the juice. Awsome product. I like walking around sipping on the juice and nobody knows about me being so high. 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Amber Knolls

    The THC juice crystals rock. I just drank my second cup after getting my order earlier today. I am buzzing so hard after about 20 minutes of drinking my first cup. 💣💣💣🔥🔥🔥

  7. Aubrey saldana

    I can’t go wrong with the thc infused juice crystals. The grape flavor masks the the taste but it taste so good. I made a pitcher of this juice a few times at a get together and everyone enjoyed it.

  8. Brad Mintner

    I love the the juice crystals. It is awsome. I love drinking this product and just relax letting the the kick in like Bruce lee. I am stoked on how fast my shipment comes to my house.

  9. Paula Dredd

    The THC grape juice is great. I get the juice all the time. I set back and drink on in the juice on a perfect day by the pool and let the the kick in. 💣💣💣

  10. Benny Hilton

    The infused grape juice is awsome. I ordered a pouch and got it yesterday. I should have ordered more. I was twisted drinking a glass of the juice yesterday

  11. Mary Lisbaum

    I like how there’s THC infused with grape juice. It tastes great. This is my second time getting thc grape juice.

  12. Edna Perkins

    The grape juice is delicious. Great to have.

  13. Richard James

    This has a really good taste, it surprised me how flavourful it was. Gets you very baked to.

  14. Susan Delfino

    Awesome for parties or hanging out with your friends. We like to drink this and then watch comedy movies and hang out

  15. Evan Beringer

    Delicious grape flavour on a really good product that gets you very high

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