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Pine Tar Kush

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  • $750 – 8oz
  • $380 – 4oz
  • $99 – 1oz
  • $50 – 14gr
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  • $750 – 8oz
  • $380 – 4oz
  • $99 – 1oz
  • $50 – 14gr

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14gr, 1oz, 4oz, 8oz, 1lb

25 reviews for Pine Tar Kush

  1. Lucas Mooney

    This is by far my favourite strain available on cannalab. I hope this stays in stock for a long time! The flower itself is a beautiful colour of green with nice light orange trichomes and a strong smell of kush. Burns very nice and the ash was totally white. Just what I was looking for. I can smoke half of a joint and be totally blitzed.

  2. Milton Granham

    You really can’t go wrong giving these guys a try with the 99$ OZ. It actually is really nice bud for the price. Sceptical at first but it is defiantly worth it and the shipping turn over was fairly quick being 2 days to Toronto. Thanks guys

  3. Julian Herminsa

    I received this in the mail today, it came in discreet packaging and was completely vacuum sealed. However once I cut open the vacuum sealed bag my whole apartment reaked of strong kush lol very satisfied with the product even after I smoked it

  4. Joshua Harper

    This strain is the best that I have came across. My shipment came in yesterday and I smoked a joint out of it and it had my head pounding. I was high fast as he’ll smoking on this strain. I couldn’t even finish the joint I was smoking on. You guys defiantly have me hooked on this strain

  5. Benny Abraham

    For $99 an ounce, I bought 2 oz. It came in a few days later. I smoked a blunt and was fucked up. The buds are huge and looks like it should be on display. Looks gorgeous.

  6. Dennis Sanders

    Nice bud to smoke on. I got super stoned on the pound that came in a couple of hours ago.. The buds look so beautiful and huge.

  7. Larry Collins

    I am glad to be smoking on this fire bud. I am so high from the pound that just came in a few hours ago. 💣💣💣😎😎

  8. Stanley Plagen

    This is a very smooth strain to smoke. I like it because it is smooth as I am smoking on it. It is very strong and I got stoned off a joint. I got in 8oz a few days ago but plan on ordering a pound today

  9. Sean Pierce

    I just got in my order of cookies and the gummies. They both were great. I love how the cookies taste. They taste great. You came barely taste the thc in them bit once it kicks in, it kicks in hard. The gummies are great. I like the tart taste backed by the THC that hits me after about 30 minutes.

  10. Zachary Blouin

    Nice grade of bud. It is very potent. I got pretty damn high off this high quality strain. I would rate it a 10 out of 10

  11. Paul Thornburg

    I have not had anything as potent as this strain in a while. I ordered 4oz and it came in yesterday. I smoked a blunt and I was so high I was stuck in bed for 2 hours before making myself get out of bed. This is some fire🔥🔥💣💣💣💥💥💥

  12. Pete Wang

    This strain is out of sight. I only ordered an ounce but onvmce if came in yesterday I realized I should have ordered more. I just ordered 8oz today it being so good.

  13. Todd Andrews

    The best strain I had yet. I high super high after my order in yesterday. It sure helped so my back pains.

  14. Reggie Wallace

    Pungent bud. Smokes very smooth and slow with a very nice pine smell.

  15. Craig Timberlake

    I am delighted to have received my first order of 4oz. I am excited about the aroma when I opened the package. The buds are pretty big and soft.

  16. Adam Hernandez

    I just received 4oz of the smoothest strain I have had. The buds look pretty big and sticky. I liked how slow it burned.

  17. Dan Cook

    This strain is like non other. I received an ounce yesterday to try it out and wished I had ordered more. I smoked a joint and I was so high. O felt like I was above the clouds.

  18. Todd Price

    Very nice strain to smoke. It helps me get through the day. It also helps me sleep at night. I get stoned quick.

  19. Reggie Jackson

    Wonderful strain to help me with my back pains. Very strong stuff.

  20. Sharon Porter

    Very nice strain to smoke. Very strong pine flavor that isnt harsh.

  21. Eddie Goodman

    This strain is some fire🔥. It has a strong pine taste that has me feeling like I am in flight to jamaica.

  22. Lucas Macarthur

    Came for the Edibles, stayed for the fire kush. You guys rock, thx for ur awesome service and I look forward to my next order

  23. Manny Burns

    This strain has me feeling incredible. This strong bud has me stoned all day.

  24. Christian Vox

    this strain is actually very nice doesn’t taste to strong of pine despite the name. Nice aroma and nice smoke

  25. Maria Lopez

    Really like this bud. Very clean smoke. They delivered to my local mailbox in 3 days.

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